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FCSM Tubing

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FCSM is a heavy wall, flame retardant tubing rated for use at up to 2000 volts.  This is a tough, radiation crosslinked (like most all other Raychem heat shrink tubing) that provides mechanical strength and cut-through resistance equal to, or surpassing the properties of low voltage cable jacket. 


  • Features a 3:1 shrink ration and unlimited shelf life when stored properly

  • This is a coated tubing meaning it is internally coated with a sealant

  • Available in an uncoated version (denoted by a /U in the product nomenclature)

  • Can be used as jacket repair up to 35kV


Sample of Sizes:

FCSM 9/3-1200-S

FCSM 19/6-1200-S

FCSM 28/9-1200-S

FCSM 38/12-1200-S

FCSM 51/16-1200-S

FCSM 68/22-1200-S

FCSM 90/30-1200-S

FCSM 120/40-1200-S

FCSM 177/63-1200-S


FCSM Data Sheet

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