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Three layer shrink sleeve system rated for use on

pipelines operating at up to 80C


     HTLP80 is a three layer system.  The first layer is a liquid epoxy, solvent-free two-component.  The second layer is a high shear strength copolymer adhesive.  The third layer is a radiation cross-linked, high density polyethylene with PCI (Permanent Change Indicator).
     The HTLP system is a wrap-around heat-shrinkable sleeve which replicates the structure and performance of mill-applied three-layer PE coatings. HTLP also has excellent compatibility and has been extensively used on many other mill-applied coatings. By far the majority of the girth welds worldwide on three-layer coated pipes, diameters up to 100" (DN2500), have been coated with HTLP.

     During installation, the epoxy is applied to the prepared pipe surface and the heat-shrinkable sleeve is immediately wrapped around the joint over the wet epoxy. Heat is then applied to the sleeve which shrinks to form a tight fit around the joint. While curing, the epoxy forms strong mechanical and chemical bonds to the pipe surface and to the copolymer adhesive layer. The radiation cross-linked outer layer forms a tough barrier against mechanical damage and moisture transmission.

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