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Water Resistant Closure for Power Cable (1000V)

Tyco Electronics’ low-voltage H-frame closures provide a fast and simple method for insulating and environmentally sealing low-voltage cable-taps and splices made with H-frame compression connectors.
• Utilizes Tyco Electronics’ PowerGel sealant material to seal and protect the connection from moisture ingress, corrosion, and pollution.
• Ideal for both underground and overhead applications and is especially useful for street lighting applications.
• Qualified to ANSI C119.1-1986 for underground splicing.
• UV resistant.
• Qualified for temperatures from –40°C to 90°C.
Simply place the connection on the closure and press the closure together. It’s that easy—no tapes,
mastics, tools, or mixing are required. The closure can be easily installed with one hand.

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