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Polyethylene repair patch material and adhesive sticks

     PERP is a heat-applied patch which, in combination with a mastic filler, offers an economically effective and high quality repair system for factory PE pipe coatings damaged mechanically during transportation, storage and laying of pipes.  PERP and PERP80 are designed to repair the damaged areas on line coatings, mainly 2 or 3 layer PE.  Sleeves are recommended for large damaged areas.
     Filler tape is used to fill the holiday, thus restoring the mill-applied coating thickness of the pipe.  Epoxy primer is additionally used when a 3-layer coating is required.  Installation is done with standard gas torches. To repair a damaged area, installers round out, roughen, clean and preheat the area and apply the filler tape to fill out the holiday.  PERP, cut to size, is positioned onto the treated area and heated. During heating, the adhesive softens and flows to form a tight bond with the substrate. The bond strength builds up during cool-down and is fully retained after job completion.

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