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Insulated Pipe End Cap

     IPEC Insulated Pipe End Cap (water stop) utilizes an adhesive and a backing component.  The adhesive (which is supplied separately) is a high temperature, high viscosity sealant.  The backing is a heat-shrinkable, radiation cross-linked, high density polyethylene.  The IPEC is a heat-shrinkable product, made from either extruded tubing (small sizes) or bonded sheet (large sizes). IPEC protects thermal insulation of pipes against moisture penetration during operation at temperatures of up to 130°C (266°F) as well as during transport and storage. As a water stop, the intent of the IPEC is to limit the damage to insulation of in-service pipes to a small area i.e. one pipe length or to a small joint area.
     The elastomeric adhesive is specially designed for high temperature performance.  The uncoated edges prevent the sleeve from slipping off the pipe casing during installation.  IPEC is installed using propane gas torches. After positioning the S1113 sealant strip onto the jacket and service pipe, the expanded part is positioned over the pipe ends.  The IPEC is then heated with a regular gas torch. The high shrink ratio backing shrinks and forms a tight fit onto the pipe and jacket.  During recovery, the adhesive softens and flows to form a waterproof seal.

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