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Heat shrinkable tape

     FLEXCLAD is designed to be a pipe bend coating.   It is built as a multi-wrap construction.  The first layer is a semi-crystalline mastic sealant.   The backing is a flexible, radiation cross-linked polyethylene.  FLEXCLAD tapes are stretchable, hand-wrapped, heat-shrinkable tapes used for corrosion protection of pipe bends and also for small diameter straight pipes in distribution networks.
     The installation is carried out directly on the cleaned and prepared pipe surface without any primer. During installation, FLEXCLAD is to be wrapped spirally around the bend with a 50% overlap. The shrink tape is heated and shrinks tightly around the substrate; at the same time, the sealing adhesive melts and is forced into all surface irregularities, forming a thorough coating and a complete bond with the substrate.

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