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     For use on standard poly- or elastomeric -insulated/jacketed cables or lead-jacketed cables, which may include aluminum or steel armoring. Use sealant-coated tubing (-S) as a sealed in-line splice or terminal lug seal for non-flame-retardant applications. Use uncoated tubing (-A/U and /U) for cable rejacketing and mechanical protection only. Sealant-coated WCSM tubing (-S designation) is UL listed per 486D (file E91151), certified to CSA C22.2, qualified to ANSI C119.1-1986, and rated to Western Underground Guide 2.5. Also RUS accepted for use as a secondary tap or splice cover, and for use as jacket restoration materials on JCN cable. WCSM tubing may be used for jacket repair on cables to 35 kV.
     WCSM tubing has a 3:1 shrink ratio and an unlimited shelf life when stored under normal conditions.

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