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Press release from Seal for Life on April 5, 2019

     "Seal for Life Industries and Joint Specialists Ltd (JSI) are pleased to announce the formation of a strategic partnership to foster the growth of the Powercrete field joint coating kit and cartridge business in North America, and maximize quality, consistency and availability.  This will give the Powercrete product line a centralized stocking distribution center just north of Houston, Texas.  For more than 25 years, the Powercrete brand of products have been an industry standard for corrosion prevention and mechanical protection of pipe coatings and field joints.  JSI has been a valued and loyal partner with SFL for more than 24 years as a key distributor of Covalence products.  The extension of that partnership to Powercrete products is an exciting opportunity for both companies."

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   Powercrete two part liquid epoxies are available in a number of forms.  It is most commonly used as a plant applied abrasion resistant overcoat installed directly onto plant applied FBE coatings.  It can also be used for coating field joints, rehab work,  and as an excellent solution for irregularly shaped structures.  Available as Powercrete J; Powercrete R95 and Powercrete R65/F1.


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