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Gel In-Line Splice


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Raychem GILS offer a state of the art sealed splice for underground, buried, and overhead applications.  GILS closures offer a fast and simple method for splicing, insulating, and environmentally sealing low-voltage cable splices.


This closure, with its revolutionary PowerGel sealant, covers and seals the splice quickly and easily, saving both time and money.


Simply install the connector, place on the closure and snap closed.  It's that easy -- no tapes, mastic, tools or mixing are required.  The splice is ready to bury - no waiting to cure. 


  • GILS accomodates copper and/or aluminum cables

  • Qualified to ANSI C1119 for underground splicing

  • UV Resistant

  • Qualified for temps from -40 to 90C

  • Connector is included

  • RUS accepted connector blocks and splices for secondary.

  • Water tight for use in all locations


GILS Gel In-Line Splice Data Sheet

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