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Fiber reinforced, high expansion shrink sleeve for sealing flanges

     Flangeseal (FS) is designed for flange/pipe sealing and protection.  It is constructed as a four layer system.  The first layer is the visco-elastic, very aggressive mastic sealant.  The second layer is a radiation cross-linked polyethylene.  Third is a fiber mesh which gives excellent penetration resistance.  Fourth is another layer of a radiation cross-linked polyethylene.
     Flangeseal (FS) is a wrap-around heat-shrinkable sleeve with a specially designed zipper closing system, allowing a fast and simple installation. The fiberglass-reinforced woven backing gives the Flangeseal (FS) a high mechanical resistance as well as a high recovery capacity.  In addition to the sleeve, a cardboard sheet is supplied to keep the flange nuts & bolts clean, allowing easy re-entry and disassembly when necessary.
     Flangeseal (FS) is installed using standard gas torches. The installation is carried out directly on the cleaned and prepared pipe surface and flange.  After preheating, the corrugated cardboard sheet is wrapped around the flange to be sealed. The heat-shrinkable sleeve is positioned centrally over the flange and closed, using the zipper closure. When heated above 125°C (257°F), the sleeve shrinks tightly around the substrate. During recovery, the adhesive softens and flows to form a tight bond. The bond strength builds up during cool down and is fully retained after completion of the job.

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