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Tubular pipe sleeve available for OD's 2" thru 8". 

This product is designed for pipelines that will operate at ambient temperatures.


     TPS field joint coating is constructed of a two layer system.  The first layer is a visco-elastic mastic sealant.  The second layer is a thick-walled, radiation-cross-linked, high density polyethylene.  TPS is a heat-shrinkable, tubular sleeve which prevents corrosion of welded pipe joints in distribution lines for sizes up to 8.625"/DN200. For larger sizes, the use of the Covalence (formerly Raychem) wraparound sleeve WPCT is recommended. This mechanically strong and flexible sleeve is compatible with all standard pipeline coatings and outer jackets.
     The installation is carried out directly on the cleaned and dried (pre-heated) pipe surface without primer. Heat is applied to the sleeve, which shrinks to form a tight fit around the joint. While shrinking, the visco-elastic sealant homogeneously flows to cover the complete surface and fills in all surface irregularities

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